is an upcoming in-orbit technology demonstration mission for a 3U CubeSat, maneuvered by chemical propulsion system,  performed together with Vilnius University.

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Time Left Until LituanicaSAT-2 Launch (UTC Timezone)








NanoAvionics is a Small Satellite commercial grade platforms provider and mission integrator, capable of serving single missions or constellations.

Our commercial and R&D projects are focused on an ambition to bring smallsats closer to their larger counterparts in terms of functionality, therefore making space affordable to a wider range of organizations worldwide.


NanoAvionics Receives 3.2 Million EUR Investment

NanoAvionics, an advanced nano-spacecraft equipment manufacturer from Lithuania received a 3.2 million EUR investment to finalize the development and start commercialization process of Enabling Propulsion System for Small Satellites (EPSS).
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NanoAvionics Moves Its Headquarters to Larger Facilities

“We have outgrown our former facilities,” says Vytenis Buzas, CEO of NanoAvionics. “In 2017 we experienced higher demands for small satellite products, accelerated our R&D projects and doubled the number of employees. Moving to the new premises, capable of accommodating higher-quality production, was a very natural next step for the whole company”.
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NanoAvionics to Empower SmallSats with Advanced Propulsion System

One of the leading providers of small satellite technology NanoAvionics has developed an innovative small satellite propulsion system which has passed extensive testing and qualification programs and is scheduled to have its in-orbit demonstration in May.
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