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NanoAvionics is a Small Satellite commercial grade platform provider and mission integrator

Our efforts are focused to enable critical small satellite functions, to optimize their hardware, launch and operation costs.

We aim to make space affordable to a wide range of organizations worldwide through uncovering new business opportunities and application markets.


NanoAvionics Receives 3.2 Million EUR Investment

NanoAvionics secures investment from AST&Science

The capital infusion, along with the involvement of the broadly experienced AST&Science management team, will be a significant contributing factor in strengthening NanoAvionics position the U.S. market in along with further manufacturing infrastructure development in Europe.
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NanoAvionics to Empower SmallSats with Advanced Propulsion System

The European Space Agency has contracted NanoAvionics to develop an Integrated Fast-Response Valve Injector to be used for small satellite chemical propulsion applications

NanoAvionics has been contracted to develop a laboratory-proven concept prototype of a highly integrated fast-response propellant flow control valve injector (IFRV) for use with contemporary high-performance green monopropellant thrusters for small satellite applications.
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NanoAvionics to Empower SmallSats with Advanced Propulsion System

NanoAvionics will Supply CubeSats for EO Demonstration Mission for Argentinian Customer

NanoAvionics has signed the turnkey mission contract with Rupercorp S.A. based in Argentina to supply its Earth Observation (EO) demonstration mission with a 2U CubeSat as a precursor for a succeeding constellation.
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NanoAvionics Moves Its Headquarters to Larger Facilities

A Successful In-Orbit Test of the First Ever Chemical Propulsion System Running On-Board a CubeSat Was Performed

On July 5, 2017, a successful in-orbit test of the first ever chemical propulsion system running on-board a CubeSat was performed. The Enabling Propulsion for Small Satellites (EPSS) system, designed and developed by NanoAvionics, provided the 3U CubeSat LituanicaSAT-2 with 10 cm/s of delta-V…
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