About NanoAvionics

NanoAvionics is small satellite mission integrator focused on delivering new generation small satellite platforms and propulsion systems for the satellite applications and services market.

Working only with reliable partners, NanoAvionics has already implemented a number of successful small satellite missions and projects, including LituanicaSAT-1 and LituanicaSAT-2, which in-orbit validated core technologies developed by the company. NanoAvionics has supplied more than 15 teams with CubeSat components and platforms, successfully performing missions in orbit and gaining extensive flight heritage.

NanoAvionics was established in 2014, joining together experienced managers, engineers, technicians and researchers working in the high-tech and small satellites industry for more than 15 years.

The company constantly performs intensive R&D activities in order to maintain its position as a technology leader capable of providing innovative products to the emerging small satellite market. To adapt its infrastructure to the constantly growing demand, NanoAvionics has made investments totaling more than €3.5M in 2017.

At NanoAvionics, we have a defining concept that our products need to be just right from the very outset. Therefore, we are constantly aiming for perfection, not only in terms of the designs of our satellite buses and their systems, but also in ensuring state-of-the-art manufacturing standards.

Our newly expanded headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Vilnius Information Technology Park, Lithuania.

This means that we are able to:

  • Build nanosatellites and assemble their components in a professional environment with cutting-edge technology, rendering us a capability of serving entire constellations
  • Ensure that every component is tested individually in-house or with the help of our dependable partners, according to clients’ needs and capable of meeting technical requirements for small satellites to ensure their proper operations in orbit
  • The district of Visoriai plays host to the country’s premiere national science and technology cluster – Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, MOOG, Biochemical Institute, manufacturers of solar cells and energetic materials, and many other hi-tech companies. Being surrounded by so many market-leading partners and suppliers means we can offer competitive delivery times, scalable production and considerable flexibility


NanoAvionics ensures that every satellite is validated according to relevant technical requirements while simultaneously guaranteeing proper operations in orbit.

Nanoavionics laboratory
Nanoavionics LituanicaSAT2 preparation for testing
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NanoAvionics’ Investors

Vilnius University
Practica Capital
NanoAvionics have raised a seed investment from venture capital funds Practica Seed Capital KŪB and Practica Venture KŪB using the structural support for the 2007-2013 economic growth program, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).