CubeSat UHF/VHF/S-Band Ground Station Kit

CubeSat Ground Station Kits
CubeSat UHF/VHF/S-Band Ground Station Kit

UHF/VHF/S-Band Ground Station Kit

Basic Price € 25150

NanoAvionics Ground Station Kits provide a high-quality experience communicating with a satellite. Kits include Ground Station hardware and software solution for UHF, VHF and S-Band communication.

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Ground Station Hardware Kit

  • Yaesu FT-817, HF/VHF/UHF self-contained multi-mode Portable Transceiver or SDR USRP B210 with housing (Optional)
  • SCS Tracker DSP TNC, supports:
    • 300Bd AFSK,
    • 1200Bd AFSK
    • 9600/19200 FSK (G3RUH)
  • SPID RAS AZ&EL rotator including controller with Rotator dish mounting
  • Parabolic Mesh dish kit 1.5 meter diameter, 6mm mesh
  • High Gain (up to 15 dBD gain) UHF Yagi antenna array available in three polarizations:
    • vertical
    • horizontal
    • circular
  • Hispico S-band receiver assembled in a 19” rack
  • S-band FEED, including:
    • RX-Antenna
    • LNA
    • Filter
    • Bias-Tee for powering
    • Connectors and housing
    • 50m RF-cable to the Receiver
  • Main power switch for full remote control

Ground Station Software

Software package consists of server and client applications composed of 3 modules:

  • Mission Control Software (MCS)
  • Hamlib
  • GPredict

GPredict is used for satellite tracking and Doppler effect estimation while Hamlib serves as a standard data protocol to communicate using radio equipment. All 3 modules are deployed on the Linux server. Satellite operator works on client application connected to server on site or remotely through https enabling full control of the ground station.

Protocol stack for sending and receiving data:

  • RS232
  • KISS
  • CSP and payload

The following stack is used to transfer data over the space:

  • GFSK modulation
  • AX.25 UI Frames
  • CSP and its payload (optional)