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CubeSat GPS Patch Antenna

GPS Patch Antenna “piPATCH-L1”

Basic Price € 850

GPS Patch Antenna “piPATCH-L1” is designed by NanoAvionics’ partner SkyFox Labs and fits all known CubeSat Structures (ideal for Z+ mount). It is compliant with CubeSat Design Specification r.13 and has an Ultra Low Noise Preamplifier included (Active Antenna). Other features:

  • Get 50+ dBc-Hz SNR on ground for close-Zenith Satellites
  • Powered from 2.7-5.5 V @ 20 mA
  • SAW Filter
  • Single cable powering
  • SMA Female Connector (straight or right angle)
  • FR-4 4-layers PCB
  • Assembled by ESA-certified personnel in 100.000 Clean Room
  • Supplied with M2.5 mounting screws, washers
  • Patch Epoxy-fixed (3M Ultra Low Outgassing)
  • Double-sided Kapton® fix below Patch
  • 60/40 Tin-Lead used (prevent tin whiskers)
  • SMA-MMCX harness Included, please specify length in order
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