CubeSat Structure

CubeSat Structures & Deployable Mechanisms
CubeSat Structure

Standard Structure

Basic Price € 983 (Per 1 Unit)

NanoAvionics CubeSat standard structures have been developed as generic, modular  nanosatellite structures, compliant with the CubeSat Design Specification. The design created allows CubeSat developers a high level of freedom in their spacecraft configuration. Avionics or payload modules are built as single 1-Unit form factor building blocks that are mounted onto the primary load carrying elements.

This design concept, together with the accessibility of the internal subsystems creates an open structure which is easy and straightforward to use, even after assembly. One of the main benefits of these particular structures is that they are designed for manufacturing. As a result the assembly will always have the right tolerances.

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  • Modular design for easy integration and accessibility
  • Custom internal and external mounting interfaces
  • Compliant with CubeSat Standard and PC/104 Standard form factor
  • Redundant Kill Switch Mechanism with integrated separation springs
  • Reinforced threads with helicoils
  • Standard structures are hard anodized
  • Technological equipment and tools upon request


  • Available in 1U, 2U and 3U
  • All materials are non-magnetic
  • Aluminum Structure parts – AW 7075
  • Bronze helicoil and spring – CuSN 6 2.1020.34
  • Titan Screws
  • Switch – Omron D2MQ
  • Mass: 90.0 g (1U), 172.4 g (2U)  254.7 g (3U)

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