for a 6U CubeSat purchased from NanoAvionics

We offer a free launch to SSO orbit in 2018 2H – 2019 2H for our prospective customers who wish to procure a high-performance complete 6U satellite platform.

  • Standard configuration of the platform is optimized for IoT, M2M, ADS-B, AIS, other commercial and emergency communication applications, and scientific missions.
  • Payload volume: up to 4U
  • Hardware layout allows the maximization of volume available for the payload and ensures robust power properties and thermal control for sensitive payloads, such as measurement and remote sensing instruments.
  • To ensure the practical reliability of the platform, radiation-resistant components and design implementations are involved to support critical systems such as the Flight Computer, Payload Controller, Electric Power System and Communication System.
  • The M6P platform includes a propulsion system capable of performing high-impulse maneuvers such as orbital deployment, orbit maintenance, atmospheric drag compensation, precision flight in formations, orbit synchronization and atmospheric drag compensation, resulting in extended satellite orbital lifetime, new opportunities for unique customer missions and significant savings on constellation maintenance costs.
  • The platform is optimized to have a nominal 5 years lifetime working in an LEO environment.

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