Launch Provision Services

Despite recent technological advancement of CubeSats and their relatively low costs, orbital launch still makes significant fraction of a total mission budget simultaneously involving complex logistics and engineering activities.

Nanoavionics can help our Clients to optimize their missions by offering cost-efficient CubeSat launch service package starting with hitching a low-cost ride with one of the most reliable launchers Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), continuing with full-service package which includes provision of the satellite deployer, documentation, logistics, satellite integration preparing for the launch and finishing with full insurance.

The complete launch service package contains:

  • Securing the launch opportunity on one of the suitable upcoming PSLV launches with a possibility to switch the Launch Slot 6 months before agreed time with no additional charges;
  • Arrangement of launch deployer;
  • Technical interface control – arrangement and coordination of technical interfaces, equipment, and documentation required for the launch acceptance;
  • Logistics coordination and support – coordination of Satellite and Ground Support Equipment logistics to the launch site and facilitating travel of personnel to and from integration facilities from Chennai airport as well as equipment re-export if needed;
  • Launch vehicle integration – final satellite flight preparation campaign and, if required, satellite fueling operations. Final checkout of the satellite and integration with the launch vehicle at the launch site;
  • Provision of the satellite orbit and attitude data at injection and commissioning support.

Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Major Implementation Steps

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