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About LituanicaSAT-2:
LituanicaSAT-2 is a Lithuanian 3-unit CubeSat intended for the scientific mission of the “QB50” – a constellation of 50 CubeSats.
The scientific aim of “QB50” is to carry out atmospheric research within the lower thermosphere (altitude between 200 and 500 km) which is the least explored layer of the atmosphere.
Besides direct “QB50” aim, the innovative chemical propulsion system for small satellites developed by NanoAvionics is being tested during this orbital mission.
Following a rigorous testing programme, the LituanicaSAT-2 with satellite number LT01 was launched by the PSLV launch vehicle in June 2017. The satellite was deployed in sun- synchronous orbit at an altitude of 475 km.

Satellite name: LituanicaSAT-2

Call sign: LY0LS

Packet Frequency: 437.265 MHz

Launch date and time: 23/06/2017 03:59 AM UTC. LituacniaSAT-2 will start its operations approximately 1 hour after the lift-off (05:00 AM UTC)

Initial TLE:

1 42766U 17036B   17175.58822120  .00005583  00000-0  26608-3 0  9997
2 42766  97.4495 235.3328 0015430 229.4990 130.4889 15.19412432   217


NORAD ID: 42766U

Telemetry packet description and structure: 

Telemetry Packet Submission Form: