Multi-Purpose 6U CubeSat Platform “M6P”

NanoAvionics, a leading developer of innovative small satellite technologies, is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for small satellite operators to receive a free launch into Sun-synchronous orbit with the purchase of its multifunctional CubeSat platform, the M6P. Thanks to support from NanoAvionics’ investors, this opportunity will position NanoAvionics’ as a reliable spacecraft manufacturer and system integrator while laying the foundations for long-term relationships with prospective customers. Optimized to bring the features of traditional satellites into the small satellite market, the M6P opens new opportunities for communications constellations, Earth observation services, and other commercial space applications.

“We have seen the rapid growth of the commercial applications market drive technical requirements beyond the CubeSat’s traditional capabilities,” explained NanoAvionics CEO and Co-Founder Vytenis Buzas. “NanoAvionics’ M6P platform is uniquely positioned to fill that market gap with its combination of maneuverability and support for reduced-cost mission operations.”

The M6P is a multifunctional 6U platform based on established CubeSat standards and flight-proven technologies. The 4U payload capacity supports commercial or scientific payloads up to 7,500 grams. NanoAvionics delivers the M6P pre-integrated and pre-qualified for fast and easy payload integration to reduce customers’ development cycles. Once in orbit, the M6P’s attitude control system enables several operational modes including Earth target tracking or user-supplied vector tracking.

Maneuverability sets the M6P apart from other CubeSat platforms available in the market. Its compact and efficient propulsion system enables mission operations comparable to much larger satellite platforms. High-impulse maneuvers synchronize orbits to support responsive Earth observation operations. High pulse cycles enable precise coordination of satellite formations and constellations. Efficient performance lets the M6P conduct orbit maintenance maneuvers and compensate for atmospheric drag to extend on-orbit service life cycles and to reduce constellation maintenance costs.

The Enabling Propulsion for Small Satellites (EPSS) system lies at the heart of the M6P’s capabilities. Its non-toxic monopropellant outperforms traditional hydrazine propellants while complying with Clean Space Initiatives promoted by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). NanoAvionics has reached the critical milestone in the development program of EPSS in July 2017 with a successful on-orbit test of the company’s 3U CubeSat, LituanicaSAT-2, proving in-flight operation of the EPSS nominally.

Vytenis Buzas announced that: “We are pleased to offer the M6P’s unique capabilities to commercial small satellite operators. Thanks to the support from NanoAvionics’ investors, we can offer a free launch to purchasers of the first two M6P satellites.”

This special offer, combined with NanoAvionics’ efficient business model and the M6P platform’s support for extended on-orbit operations, can reduce customers’ overall mission costs as much as 50%. As windows for launch into Sun-synchronous orbit open in the second half of 2018, interested parties are encouraged to fill in the interest form or contact NanoAvionics directly at / +370 663 53355.